Right from the moment of signing the registration deed till now, it has been quite a hassle-free experience to be home-owners at Fortius Waterscape. A special thanks to Mr Gopi and his remarkable team for fulfilling even the smallest of our requests and making this a wonderful experience. Wishing the Fortius team success in all their future endeavours.

Nithin Pavithran
Senior Engineer | Target Corporation India

Thank you Fortius team for the way you have made the entire transactions such a smooth affair. It was highly consultative and personalized service and it was an absolute joy buying a property from fortius. I wish you and your team success and growth in your future endeavors.

Bijoy Joseph
Divisional manager | Al Mulla Behbehani Motor Co. W.L.L, Kuwait

This indeed is an achievement by Fortius Infra to complete their project Fortius Waterscape one year ahead of schedule. We take great pride and would love to Congratulate the Fortius Infra team for providing us such excellent service. Not once through our journey, from research to our purchase and finally the completion, did we have to worry about the right response to queries. We never faced the anxiety that owners normally go through during our dream investments. Thank you once again for making this so seamless and smooth for us. Certainly a time to celebrate !

Shilpa Rakesh
IT Officer-Projects | eGroup | M.H. Alshaya Co. W.L.L | Kuwait

Thank you and congratulations on a great job done. Completing the project one year early is a milestone achievement for others to emulate. Well done.. If there is one aspect that defines Gopi Krishnan, it is `Quality’. Be it the planning, construction, documentation or delivery, Gopi delivers a superior experience that speaks for itself. I have seen this visionary in action in my professional capacity and can confidently assert that he is undoubtedly the gold standard in quality control. His attention to detail even to the minutest of issues is definitely a trait worth emulating. I am extremely confident that Fortius Waterscape will be one among the many sterling offerings from his stable.

Vivek Nagarkatti
Executive Director, SR Nova | Former Vice President – India Operations, Global Business-Hewlett Packard

It is really encouraging to know that the project is ahead of schedule and I really appreciate the offer of a joint inspection before hand over, post registration. We will definitely come down for the inspection of our apartment and the one that is already completed. I again congratulate you and the entire team on working so hard to achieve this ahead of schedule completion.

Debabrata Mukherjee

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