Things to Check Before You Take Possession of Your New Home

May 24, 2019

Taking possession of your new home is a momentous occasion, a milestone to be celebrated. However, there is a need for caution at this time as you want to make sure that everything within the home is in order as mentioned in the contract. Aside from this, the paperwork needs to be in order along

Rain Water Harvesting in your Gated Community

May 24, 2019

Due to rapid urbanization, infiltration of rainwater into the ground has reduced drastically and many cities are running short on fresh potable water supply. In areas with a decent water table, groundwater is being used to supplement the shortage of piped water. Apart from these 2 sources there is another alternative source for water. This

Emerging Office Corridors driving Indian Realty

May 24, 2019

The commercial office sector has been witnessing an unprecedented growth over the past few years, resulting in Grade A commercial stock having doubled over the past 8-9 years. Urbanization coupled with constant expansion of city boundaries has given rise to new office corridors which are thriving due to an associated enhancement in connectivity. These emerging

Top Tips to Decorate Room Corners

Design Musts for an Urban Indian Apartment - Fortius Infra
May 20, 2019

It’s easy to find a purpose with the centre of a room and even the sides, but it’s the corners that tend to pose decor issues. Finding a purpose for room corners requires a bit of creative imagination and ingenuity. Since every home has at least one awkward corner that gets you thinking, here are

Top 10 Decorating Problems Solved

May 20, 2019

Decorating your new home can throw up its own share of challenges. A little bit of creativity and inspiration can go a long way in reducing your dilemmas. Here is a look at some easy fixes for common decorating problems: Refurbishing your flooring – You could go for wall-to-wall carpeting or some strategically placed rugs.

Ways to Bring Light into a Dark Apartment

Choosing the Right Upholstery for your Apartment Décor - Fortius Infra
May 20, 2019

A dark and dreary home is a depressing place to be. If your home is the type where the sun plays hide-and-seek creating shadowy corners and overcast living rooms, then it’s high time you did something about it. A well-lit home isn’t just more inviting, it’s also great for your overall wellbeing. Here are some