Design Musts for an Urban Indian Apartment - Fortius Infra

It’s easy to find a purpose with the centre of a room and even the sides, but it’s the corners that tend to pose decor issues. Finding a purpose for room corners requires a bit of creative imagination and ingenuity. Since every home has at least one awkward corner that gets you thinking, here are some ideas to help you make the most out of these challenging corners.

-If the corner is close to a door, you can place a small table with a drawer and create a message point. Every home needs a place to keep the landline, a tray for regularly used knickknacks like loose change, keys, tape or scissors. A green indoor plant will complete this picture.

-A corner is also the ideal place for a freestanding shelf. Depending on the room, you could use it for displaying showpieces if in the living room or children’s books and toys if in the kids’ rooms. In the kitchen, they can be used to store extra dishes or pots.

-If you have young kids, you could create a corner play area; this would ensure a designated place for books and toys and prevent their clutter from spreading around.

-Corners are also the perfect place for keeping high-backed chairs. Since these chairs create visual problems with their height, a corner is the best place for a couple of them. Place a low table between them and a small rug and you end up with a cosy secluded corner to chat away.

-If you have a lovely corner view, you could get an interior specialist to add in a scenic corner window that would be great for keeping the dining table. You will find your dining table being used for eating, writing or gatherings as everyone loves a great view!

-You could also place a game table in the corner along with some chairs for some great unplugged gaming fun. Make it a focal point by adding a hanging light over the table.

-If you have a highly decorative chair that’s just waiting to be admired, then place it in an unused corner along with an elegant standing lamp on a small table – you end up with a secluded nook to do some recreational reading.

-You could also utilize an unused corner as your own work space. Place a writing desk diagonally in the corner and use it for checking your mail, writing notes or preparing lists.

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