Tips to Create the Best Family Spaces

Tips to Create the Best Family Spaces - Fortius Infra
January 21, 2019

With the varying school and job timings in a household, the only downtime that the family gets to be together is limited so to make it count, you should have a common family room where the whole family can affirm bonds and spend some quality time. This family room should be the heart of your

The Art of Blending Interiors & Exteriors

The Art of Blending Interiors & Exteriors - Fortius Infra
January 21, 2019

A home that is architecturally designed to introduce the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors into its interiors should have a seamless transition. There should be a transparent blending of the decor elements to be in true harmony with your environment. Introducing nature into your interiors not only improves your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also reduces

Top Things to Consider when Moving to a New Neighborhood

Boost the Resale Value of your Apartment - Fortius Infra
January 17, 2019

Shopping for your new home can be fun, but you do have to keep an eye out for the kind of neighborhood it is located in. Choosing a neighborhood is almost as important as choosing your dream home as you won’t just be buying a home, but investing in its neighborhood too. Choose a location

Top Tips to have a Stress-Free Home

Top Tips to have a Stress-Free Home - Fortius Infra
January 9, 2019

Your home is supposed to be your feel-good zone, a happy environment where you can forget about your stress and things that weigh you down. When you enter in through the front door, you should experience a feeling of peace and relaxation , a space to heave a sigh of relief. And it’s for this

New-Age Kitchen Aesthetics

New-Age Kitchen Aesthetics - Fortius Infra
January 8, 2019

The modern-day kitchen is no longer a room for routine chores, relegated to the back of the home where the woman of the house drudged all day to feed her family. There has been a silent revolution going on, and today the kitchen is the ‘nerve centre’ of a home with most activities revolving around

Incentives for Buyers of Green Buildings

Incentives for Buyers of Green Buildings - Fortius Infra
January 1, 2019

Green homes or eco-friendly homes are built with another larger home in mind – Mother Nature. Crafting green buildings is the only way forward for the coming generations to survive. Global warming and depletion of natural resources is rapidly eating away into the thread-work of planet earth. There is a pressing need to use resources