Top Tips for Decorating a Foyer - Fortius Infra


First impressions always count, which is why you should put a lot of thought into decorating your foyer – the entryway into your home. The foyer should appeal to your senses by appearing warm and welcoming, as well as be a representation of your home’s decor style. Here’s a look at some helpful tips to guide you through decorating your foyer:

  • The foyer should have a stylish surface handy to toss your keys and a few knick-knacks that you will need when leaving home. A table with an ornate dish on it should suffice, but if there is space shortage, you could always install an attractive shelf or wall brackets to get the job done. Go with curvy pieces as they are more appealing and encourage movement of energy as per Feng Shui.
  • A decorative overhead light fixture in the foyer will keep it well-lit and also add to the style quotient of the room. However, another light source like wall sconces with a switch next to the door entry is also practical.
  • A classy oval or circular mirror in the foyer is not only functional for last minute checks before leaving home, but also increases the elegance of your foyer. Since it reflects light, it will lighten up the entryway.
  • Keeping your foyer neat and tidy is essential. You could use closets or benches with designated storage spaces for shoes and other things which will not only keep your foyer uncluttered, but also provide a seat for pulling on your shoes. An attractive umbrella stand also comes in handy here.
  • A large doormat or carpet runner also helps in defining the entryway. Do ensure the material is strong enough to meet the needs of this high traffic area – but isn’t too thick and hinders door movement either. Choose a color that doesn’t clash with the décor or one that shows up dirt easily.
  • You can add texture and warmth to your foyer with furniture and accessories. Bamboo settees, textured cushions and woven baskets add to the charm and imparts a homely vibe.
  • A touch of fresh greenery or fresh flowers in the foyer creates the perfect welcome. and is pleasing to the senses.

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