Sustainable design is a part of Fortius Infra. We value executing details well. Therefore great efforts are made to plan effectively and then with thoughtfulness and thoroughness we take action.
Fortius Waterscape has earned the distinction of being one of the IGBC Gold ‘Green Homes’. Waterscape has blended modern technologies and aesthetic sensibilities to make green living a way of life. Here is a preview of the green initiatives at Fortius Waterscape:-

50% more Natural Light
Each apartment at Fortius Waterscape makes the most of natural ventilation and sunlight, thanks to the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. This would further reduce energy consumption.

More open spaces
Fortius Waterscape apartment construction occupies 17 % of the total site area, leaving you with more open spaces and unhindered views of the lake nearby.

Rain Water Harvesting
Rainwater harvesting is the process of accumulating and collecting rainwater for using it, before the rainwater reaches a treatment centre. Our apartments are self-sufficient in terms of water supply and water harvested from rain is treated and made fit for common use.

Drip irrigation methods
A highly intelligent water management step, drip irrigation conserves time and water. Studies have show that well-designed drip systems use almost 50 percent less water than other traditional methods of watering such as sprinkling.

Growing native plants
would not just reduce water consumption but also support the local biodiversity. Indigenous plants are found to be helpful in retaining and effectively, using less water.

Customized Parking Lots
We provide special electrical charging points at the parking area in order to promote fuel-efficient alternative vehicles. Reserved parking spots for the differently-abled are also available to make life at Fortius Waterscape a more convenient one.

Energy Efficient Practices
Prudent use of electricity in all pumps and motors ensures that electricity, a vital energy in our modern lives, is used productively.

Organic Composting System
Fortius Waterscape has strong policies on waste management to ensure minimal impact on the environment. We also have our own organic composting system within the premises.

Sewage Treatment Plant
At Waterscape, sewage waste will be recycled in closed sewage treatment plant and will be used as manure.

Low VOC / non-toxic materials and paints are used during construction, so that each home breathes clean, fresh air.

Fortius Waterscape is designed to cut your carbon footprint on the environment. We use high quality, low energy-consuming infrastructure to maximize cost savings for the resident. For we believe on the principle that what is good for the environment is good for you, too.

Our efforts towards green initiatives have been recognized by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).