Waterscape is 100% Vasthu compliant, a first for contemporary housing in India.

Vasthushastra is an ancient belief system that offers instructions and guidelines on how to create buildings that live in harmony with the earth. As science evolves, there is increasing evidence for the positive effects of Vasthu.

Construction based on Vasthu

Waterscape complies 100% with the following principles.

Master Bedroom Located in South West, ensures evening breeze after sunset and protection from harmful uv radiation
Kitchen Located in South East, ensures energy of the morning sun for maximum activity
Diagonal Orientation North-East Diagonal is more than South-West diagonal
Entrances All apartments have entrance located in North, East and South.
Amenities and Installations The pool and sump are in North-East, based on the principle that water should be at the North-East portion. STP is at the North-West, based on the principle that water should flow from North-East to North-West. Further, the transformer / RMU and DG are in North-West.

Scientific evidence that backs Vasthu principles

An ancient architectural discipline, Vasthushastra details guidelines on building construction in harmony with the Earth. Research shows that the brain is sensitive to orientation where the neuron firing rate changes with direction. Further, there is evidence of the relation between the celestial bodies and Earth’s inclination to the brain parts. This forms the basis of Vasthu’s concept of aligning buildings towards in certain directions.

Vasthu takes advantage of the varying dispersion of sun’s radiation during the day. At dawn, the infrared rays are mild and germicidal and hence water stored in East, North and North-East can get purified. The ultraviolet rays intensify from forenoon to afternoon which leads Vasthu to recommend the closure of the West and South directions.