The living room is the first room where you take your visitors and it needs to be decorated aesthetically. Aside from that, it’s also the room where you spend quality time with family and friends, so it needs to be comfortably furnished. Here are some elements that you must include in an ideal living room to make it appear warm and welcoming:

Plants – The lush vibrancy of plants add a breath of fresh air into the room. They are also effective air filters that clear up indoor pollutants. Aside from that, plants make great décor items and add elegance to your living room.

Personal items – To provide an identity to your living room as well as make it feel homely, you should include a few personal items into the décor. These could be in the shape of family photos, special mementos or even some prized collections.

TV/ Music system – The living room is quite often the family room too and an entertainment system is a must to keep family and friends engaged with common interests.

Magazine rack – This provides a neat way of storing reading materials. It can be vintage or contemporary in design, and adds an aesthetic edge to your living room.

Coffee table – This essential item is an important feature of any living room and adds to its décor value. It also brings the other pieces of the living room’s furniture together and completes the look.

Rug – This item adds a cozy ambience to your living room. You could get rugs with a soft, deep pile that invites you to sprawl out on it as the family engages in various activities.

Throw pillows – Comfy pillows are a must in the living room. Not only is it soothing to have a decorative pillow to lounge on, someone might actually need them for back support.

A Reading lamp – This can be a table lamp or an elegant standing lamp. Aside from being functional, it is also decorative.

Drapes – Curtains add character to a room and can be used to enhance the accent color in the living room. You could match the color with your sofas and even add an element of pattern in it to create interest.

Mirrors – Beautifully-framed decorative mirrors look great in living rooms and enhance the sense of space by reflecting light.

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