The Art of Blending Interiors & Exteriors - Fortius Infra

A home that is architecturally designed to introduce the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors into its interiors should have a seamless transition. There should be a transparent blending of the decor elements to be in true harmony with your environment. Introducing nature into your interiors not only improves your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also reduces stress and improves the results of therapy for pain management according to recent researches.

You can boost the presence of outdoor spaces within your interiors by introducing greenery in the form of potted plants, nature-inspired art décor and pleasing hues of green wall colors. You could also mirror the outdoor features into your interiors by changing your indoor greenery and flower arrangements to match the changing seasons. Try ushering in earthy elements with decorative terracotta pots and vases paired with lush greenery for a nature-inspired effect.

Having large picture windows and glass sliding doors further enhances the blending of the exterior environment with your interiors. When these features are opened, they create an awesome illusion of a seemingly seamless intertwining of nature with the indoor spaces. A slim line between a home’s exteriors and its interiors also means that these homes have greater home buyer appeal.

If you are on the lookout for homes that offer unique connections with Mother Nature, then check out the ‘Under the Sun’ villas by Fortius Infra at Devanahalli, northern Bangalore. This project has perfectly nailed the art of blending interior and exterior spaces with its innovatively-designed luxury villas built around fruiting orchard trees. These classy villas are designed in unique environment-friendly ways that allow maximal harvesting of natural sunlight, offering magnificent views of the greenery outside. And that’s not all, as these villas also offer harmonious designs that have outward extensions towards landscaped exteriors in unrivaled balmy orchard settings.

The Under the Sun villas have uniquely-architected designs where all bedrooms offer large views of the outdoor spaces in its full luxuriant hues. All these private rooms are designed to converge onto the family spaces that have outdoor extensions. Imagine living in a place that not only offer you soothing views of the surrounding naturescape, but come alive with the natural glory of luxuriant greenery and enhanced lung spaces. What’s more, this villa project comes with a plethora of amenities that are so holistic and nature-inspired. Along with relaxing garden rooms, koi ponds, landscaped lawns and Zen gardens, the residents also get to enjoy a lake-front precinct, outdoor game courts, cycling tracks and strolling paths amid lush greenery.

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