Buying a Vasthu Compliant Apartment in Bangalore

No man is an island. He is constantly influenced by many factors, people and energies around him. Some studies show that the brain is direction sensitive. These points had always been the guiding principles of Vastu for a property.

Vastu compliance has slowly but steadily grown in importance among professionals as an important consideration while choosing apartments. Though finding a 100% Vastu compliant apartment in Bangalore city can be a herculean task, it is not impossible. However, it is important for the buyer to know a bit of Vastu to help your decision of buying.

Here we explain in simple terms, the Vastu aspects in different parts of the apartment.

The Entrance
The “Dwar Nivesh” principle of Vastu dictates that the most auspicious direction for the main entrance is east because it brings positive energy of the rising sun into the house. Another acceptable direction is North-East Facing. There are many apartment buildings with a central staircase and two apartments on each of its landing with main doors provided in sub-directions such as North-West, North-East, South-East and South-West. This is not considered ideal as they are believed to disturb the streams of energy.

The Kitchen
The most ideal spot for your kitchen is the South-East corner of the house. According to Vastu principles this is the seat of Agni-Tatwa or the fire element. It is important to face east while cooking. However, care must be taken to not align the kitchen directly in front of the main door of the house.

The Master Bedroom
The location of the master bedroom is best if it is in the South-West corner of an East-facing apartment. If the entrance and the kitchen are taken care of as mentioned above, then the master bedroom will fall into the right place. The bedroom should be either square or rectangular in shape. Experimental dimensions are usually not encouraged in the bedroom.

Location of toilets is a vital aspect both in Vastu perspective and from the angle of general health and aesthetics. You can place the toilets in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of rooms. In cases where this is not possible, they can be placed in the South-East. As a basic rule, the toilet should not be placed adjacent to the kitchen or the room of worship.

The terrace or balcony is an open space that represents the wind element of a house. Terraces have the capability of adding virtue to the apartment as they accelerate the life energy streams called Jaivik and Pranic energy. If the terrace is towards the South or West, it projects the house to unhealthy thermal imbalance caused by solar radiation. The ideal directions according to Vastu for the terrace are North, North-East and East.

Possessing a Vastu complaint apartment has become popular in an investor’s point of view as well. For there are many buyers in the Bangalore market who are particular about Vastu. We are happy to be part of this growing awareness towards the science behind Vastu compliant apartments in Bangalore. Fortius Infra’s waterfront apartments – Fortius Waterscape, is built by blending the principles of Vastu with modern architecture. Fortius Waterscape property overlooks the beautiful Yele Mallappa Shetty Lake, close to Old Madras Road thus being a pristine yet accessible location to major facilities in the city.