Checklist for Eco-Friendly Villas - Fortius Infra

With natural resources running out and global warming setting in, the need for eco-friendly villas is becoming increasingly necessary. Eco-friendly, sustainable homes aren’t just about segregating your waste and then calling it a day. A lot more goes into the making buildings ‘green’.

Over the past few years, Indians have been waking up to the need for eco-friendly homes with minimal impact on the environment and natural resources. Bangalore city is at the forefront of facing up to the responsibility of building eco-friendly sustainable homes which minimize their carbon footprint by practicing water conservation, water recycling, minimal use of virgin materials and by reducing energy consumption.

For a building to be truly eco-friendly, the sustainability factor should be implemented right from the designing table. A truly sustainable home has minimal impact on the environment right from the designing stage, through the construction stage, and during its occupancy. Such homes also supplement their energy needs by using renewable sources.

Checklist for Eco-Friendly Villas

According to the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), the following categories need to be fulfilled in eco-friendly villas:

  • Sustainable site selection
  • Innovative designing and planning
  • Using renewable materials and resources
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Healthy indoor environmental quality

Simple ways of implementing the afore-mentioned principles can be done by conserving water – by repairing leaking faucets and pipes, using water-efficient flushes and showers and by re-cycling grey water for outdoor use. Harvesting rainwater to recharge the water table is also critical.

Other things to be done include segregating waste and composting organic waste for the backyards and recycling other non-degradable wastes. With India receiving about ten months of sun every year, eco-friendly homes use solar energy for most of their needs. One would also need to design homes in such a way that there is plenty of natural ventilation and sunlight.

According to research Karnataka is home to 41 green buildings, 39 of them are in Bangalore and ‘Under the Sun’ villa project by Fortius Infra is of them. Infact it is has been awarded the prestigious Platinum Pre-certification by IGBC. This also corresponds to the Platinum Rating by LEEDS of the American Green Building Council.

The ‘Under the Sun’ villas come with green label for enhanced day lighting, enhanced fresh air ventilation, 50% cross-ventilation as well as enhanced energy performance. Couple this fact with luxurious villas set in 30 acres of fruit orchards, and you have surely met heaven on earth!

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