Choosing the Right Paint for Your Kid’s Room - Fortius Infra

The science of color psychology says that different colors have different impacts on a person. It also tells that some colors are better suited than others to different temperament types as they influence the mood and behavior of a person. So when it’s time to paint your child’s room, put some serious thought to it, as you analyze the effects of each color on your child’s temperament.

Painting your kid’s room could be a fun activity, but it does include a lot of deliberation before you finalize the right colors. Going with bright and bold colors seems like a great strategy, but you will have to check if it goes well with your child’s personality. While pink for girls and blue for boys might be the standard, inviting your child to contribute his/her ideas is better.

Another feature to keep in mind is that your child’s room is his/her indoor playground. Hence you need to go with paints that make cleaning the walls less of a chore. Paints with satin or semi-gloss finishes makes it easier to wipe off dirt and stains.

It’s a great idea to use color combinations, but this is an art that you will have to master. You could paint three walls in a neutral shade and highlight one wall with your child’s favorite color. As children grow, their tastes change, so this way you only have to paint a part of their room to get a new look that goes with their evolving needs.

To add more color and life to the neutral colored walls, you could always hang bright posters or pictures. Changing these décor items would give an instant makeover to the room when your child wants a new look.

When choosing the color for your kid’s room, think of the effect it will have on their personality. Different colors have differing effects with orange promoting feelings of cheerfulness and communication and red being an emotional and stimulating color. Likewise green is a calm and nurturing color that enhances concentration similar to blue which is a calming and reassuring color. Purple, pink and lavender colors inspire empathy, thoughtfulness and spirituality and brown represents stability and helps in making children feel more grounded. Yellow is a bright and energetic color that may not go well for kids with sleeping issues.

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