Home Decor Tips

Owning a lakefront property is in itself a statement. The next step to truly making the statement into a beautiful impression is by decorating it right.

The fact is your guests will immediately be drawn towards the view of the lake from your apartment. To further enhance the overall experience, there is only one logic to stick with- and that is keep things simple.

Here are a few ways to create the right lakefront décor for your home-

1) One room at a time: Decorate one room at a time to meet the best results.

2) Color palette: Rooms with a neutral or soft color almost flows with the scenic view seen from the windows. See if you can use colors like cream, tan or beige that reflect the shores, or light blue which echoes with the colour of the sky. Sea foam green, coral or other coastal colors would also be great for a lake view apartment. Avoid stark white unless you intend to pair it with dark blue hues of accessories and window frames; that would give the quintessentially nautical look.

3) Rugs and floors: For ease of maintenance, have throw-rugs around and it is always better to have wooden floors to enhance the lakefront experience.

4) Furnish the room with comfortable seating areas and practical furniture in cream, beige, turquoise or light blue to complement the natural look. You can also experiment with white, red, dark blue or chocolate-brown wood furniture for a more formal look. Many interior decorators advocate the use of a hint of darker colors as they will contrast against the lighter overtones and scenery.

5) On art décor: Ocean, lake or beach scenes are fitting, as are black-and-white matted photos. Simple gold or metallic picture frames can also be brought into the décor.

6) Drapes and curtains: Adding linens, gives that soft touch to your home. Neutral colors will fade into the room without distracting from the views, while simple patterns, such as stripes, can add visual interest. Simple roman shades or roll-up shades will provide privacy without affecting natural light or the lakefront scenery.

7) Accessorize: Specific colors, shapes and textures can make your existing color scheme or theme blend brilliantly together. For example, lamps with blue and green sea glass embellishments would complement a living room or bedroom with the same color scheme.

8) Bright Living Room: Does a shelf with a pop of orange paint in the background in an otherwise black bookshelf, appeal to you?

9) Kitchen tips: When it comes to kitchen it is always better to go with a minimalistic style in mind. If your kitchen has a lakefront view too, it would be better to not keep your utensils or ladles hanging out. Lakes tend to develop an all-day wind pattern that can carry dust with it. And you wouldn’t want them on your pots and pans. To reduce the wind in the kitchen, it would be advisable to have venetian blinds, preferably in eco-friendly materials, to blend in with the lakefront décor and to shade against the wind. Add a bonsai on the window sill and it will look picture perfect!

10) For bedrooms and bathrooms: It would be great to make your bedrooms more cozy with wooden floors or laminate tiles, which further adds to the aesthetic sense of a room. For bathrooms it would be great to include seamless textured tiles, or stone finish tiles to develop on the lakefront aesthetic.