Eco friendly Villas – A Growing Trend in Bangalore - Under The Sun

Eco-friendly homes are capturing the imagination of people lately. Nowadays, the demand for eco-friendly homes has gone up in Bangalore and developers in Bangalore are busy changing their building and designing strategies to get IGBC-approved (Indian Green Building Council) homes.

What defines Eco-Friendly Villas?

Eco-friendly or green villas are based on the sustainable concept of reducing, reuse and recycle. There is reduced wastage of natural resources, minimizing pollution and reducing their negative impact on human health. These villas are designed to consume less water and have provision for harvesting and recycling dwindling natural resources. Not only does your utility bill come down in such homes, enabling you to save money, but you also get to reduce your carbon footprint.

Most branded builders are going into building eco-friendly homes that are eligible for the IGBC or LEED certification, you will find that the building materials will vary from the normal and are sourced locally, thus saving on transportation costs.

The architectural design is another major difference in green homes and features such as water harvesting, waste management, grey-water recycling, natural ventilation and lighting, air spaces and wind scoops, cavity walls for insulation, solar power for lighting and appliances, etc are included. Eco-friendly villas ensure that minimal energy is used for heating in winters and cooling during summers, by the correct positioning of windows, vegetation, designing as well as materials used.

The rise of green villas in Bangalore

Aside from being functional, eco-friendly villas have a calming appeal around them and the need for adapting to eco-friendly homes and lifestyles is now, before we trash our planet any further. And Bangalore is where you will find some classic examples of eco-friendly villas. Check out this site for great eco-friendly villa ideas:

The trend is believed to have picked up more in Bangalore due to the availability of land parcels, better infrastructure, and thanks to an eco-conscious public.

We too offer green villas in north Bangalore. Our ‘Under the Sun’ villa project is a shining example of sustainable eco-friendly housing available to the public. Under the Sun villas are certified green buildings and offer a substantial green canopied site with rainwater harvesting, recycling of grey water, organic waste management system, efficient ventilation, natural lighting, heating and cooling, etc.

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