Five Advantages of Owning a Lakefront Apartment

It is dream for many of us to own a property or an apartment facing a waterfront. And then there is Bangalore, where there are many natural lakes on the sides of which real estate has sprung in good strength.

Something about a waterfront or a lakefront property – the aesthetics, the investment point-of-view or the sheer serenity of a water body- seems to captivate the urban investor. If you were also contemplating on what could be the advantages of owning a lakefront property in Bangalore, here are a few to get you started-


Apart from the scenic views it promises, properties close to water bodies in well-connected urban areas show a higher probability of appreciation in value. Also, in Bangalore it is a rarity to have a waterfront property or apartment as there are only 18 lakes in total. It is this rarity that makes owning a lakefront property more appealing. All these factors contribute in making lakefront properties a great investment choice for the urban buyer.


Any property one buys is a planned investment for the future. A lake next to your property is a more constant natural feature than a vacant plot of land, for in a year or two, that barren land could turn into yet another high-rise. There is a certain sense of openness and space that a lakefront apartment gives to its owner.

Closer to Nature

A lake is like an open invitation for a fertile ecological environment. You can wake up to the sound of the morning birds and in the evening, see the sun dip into the lake’s horizon. Most lakes in Bangalore are maintained well and can be great spot for the family to unwind. Teach your children to spot the elusive sparrow, or set up a picnic and just relax over by the side. Now why wouldn’t you want that?

Pleasing Weather and Better Health

Your apartments would be airy thanks to having a lake close by. A water body like a lake is believed to have a lot of influence on the wind pattern and the weather of a particular region. We all know a house with good ventilation, surrounded by nature is always a healthier place to live.


According to the science of vastu, a property by a small water body such as a pond or a lake will be beneficial for its owner. True to vastu principles, there is a direction and position that could further benefit the property. It is believed that the water body should lie to the North-East direction, as it is in our project, at Fortius Waterscape situated near Whitefield, Bangalore.


Having a lakefront apartment is definitely a lifestyle choice. Along with all the advantages mentioned above there is one secret joy of having a lakefront apartment- of course, the bragging rights. We at Fortius Infra Developers believe that you deserve to live your dreams. Our new project Fortius Waterscape is by the side of Yella Mallappa Shetty lake, one of the largest lakes in Bangalore and is just 500m off the Old Madras Road, or 4.5 kms from Whitefield. With 2 & 3 BHK apartments to offer, there is a chance for all to reap the benefits of a lakefront life.