Fortius Waterscape

We all reach a point in our lives where owning a house for our family becomes utmost priority. Though the decision to look for a home is easy, finding the right size apartment for you and your loved ones may be a tricky exercise in Bangalore.

Considering that your apartment will be your home for a long period, there will be a time when the number of family members increase. This puts a strain on the space in the apartment. A growing family in a metropolitan city like Bengaluru eventually ends up looking for housing options with more space. By this time, the rates would have gone up, and affordable options with the larger space is only available further away from where you live currently. You can get burdened with a big change in lifestyle, cost and convenience due to the shortfall of a few hundred square feet.

Fortius Waterscape offers an elegant solution to this problem. Our apartments are more spacious compared to standard configurations. We usually come across 2 BHK configurations in Bangalore that range from 800 to 1100 Sft. Our apartments offer more than conventional standards, providing 1322-1379 Sft for a 2 BHK flat. This means a better living experience with more space within the existing layout.

In effect, Fortius has created apartments of just the right size, which helps you afford the space you need for now and the future.

1. The spacious apartments can accommodate the needs of a growing family in the future, without having to relocate due to size constraints.
2. More square feet also means a better base for future appreciation. Apartment rates being calculated per square feet, acquiring some more square feet right now can help boost the value of your investment in the future.
3. More space also means more freedom in designing the interiors of your living space.
4. The apartments are also designed according to the principles of Vasthu, ensuring better ventilation and lighting, which enhances the experience of the additional space.
5. As the value of the location keeps going up, having the right amount of space will appeal to people in the future, both in terms of rental and resale, enhancing the value of your apartment.

Another important factor in choosing the right apartment is the use of shared spaces. The residents of the apartments in a real estate project will share amenities like swimming pool and the gym. A critical factor is the ratio of how many homes share the same amenities.

At Fortius Waterscape, comprehensive amenities are provided exclusively for the 156 apartments in Phase 1, built on a spacious 2.56 acres, which ensures an uncongested community living experience.

In terms of the list of amenities and dedicated facilities, Waterscape goes beyond convention to give you more to enjoy.

In an age where space is truly a luxury,Fortius Waterscapegives you the right space, that too within your reach. Acquire the ultimate luxury of a spacious home for you and your loved ones to grow into and never to move out of.

Luxury comes at the right size at Fortius Waterscape.