Bangalore is known as the Garden City. Truly living up to this name, would be the neighbourhood of Whitefield.

Once a suburban settlement of the illustrious Eurasian community, Whitefield is now a much sought-after residential and commercial neighbourhood. Many IT and educational professionals who call Whitefield their home, seem to suggest through their blogs that they chose this neighbourhood for its connectivity and greenery.

Modern day Whitefield is vibrant and ‘greener’ due to the relentless efforts of residents and administrators. Many active online forums and social media pages have members keeping a look out to protect trees from being felled, and lakes from being more polluted. According to a study by an electric car company, their Whitefield branch has recorded the highest sales. By simply looking on the road, the number of cycles has gone up too. Since most of the constructions are relatively new, a majority of the residential complexes are built on more stringent environmental guidelines.

It is quite natural that we gravitate towards green neighbourhoods like Whitefield says a recent study by the University of Exeter Medical School (UK). Their study proves that there was a dramatic rise in happiness quotient in people who moved to live near parks or green spaces.

According to the research, it was seen that the stress levels and mental health of a group of people who moved their residences to greener areas had improved significantly. The study further noted that a few minutes spent outdoors, exercising or walking in parks or gardens, seemed to have improved memory and thinking capacity by 20% with accounted long-term positive impact on mental well-being.

All these are reasons enough to take that much-needed break and step out from the urban jungles into the lap of nature. We at Fortius Infra believe in wholesome living and the Fortius Waterscapes Apartment project near Whitefield is consciously designed to make sure that as much as 80% of the land area is reserved for large open spaces. Why settle for anything less, when you can wake up to green unhindered views all year round.