How Homes are Becoming Smarter! - Fortius Infra

Technology has been a real boon to modern lifestyles as so many tasks can be accomplished with just a click of a button. This technology is being increasingly adopted into homes, turning them into ‘smart homes’. This ‘smart’ tag is being applied to an increasingly long list of devices and is touted as the future of new age homes.

Some of the devices and appliances that are available as smart home technologies include lighting, indoor climate control, audio & video systems, security systems, TVs, computers, access control, alarm systems and various kitchen appliances including the fridge, coffee maker, oven, etc. These can all be controlled remotely by an app installed in your smart phone.

Aside from making life easier for its inhabitants, there are a number of benefits to installing smart home appliances. Here’s a look at some of them:

Convenience – There is nothing like getting help with the day-to-day things in life and if the omnipresent smart-phone can accomplish these chores with a click of the button, then nothing could be better. You can switch off lights, control gate access, lock doors, adjust your cooling/heating system or play with your stereo’s volume control – all without getting off your comfortable seat!

Energy-Saving – Energy conservation is fast becoming the need of the hour with the constant reminders of global warming. Smart home technology is most helpful in conserving electricity and improving functionality as they can switch-off automated lighting systems as well as put-off devices and appliances when not in use. For example, light intensity can be controlled on sunny days and cooling systems can be automatically cut-off during winter months.

Help for Vulnerable Members of Society – Smart home technology is a boon for elderly or specially abled members of society. It’s easier for them to accomplish the otherwise-tough and stressful tasks with the simple click of a button. Smart technology also takes care of their health needs, helping them adhere to medication schedules, monitor calorie intake or call emergency services.

Safety and Security – Smart technology offers a very effective security system. It can detect any security breach and immediately send an alert to your smart phone or set-off an alarm system and even alert an associated security agency. And just in case you forgot to lock your gate, a button click can take care of that too! Outbreaks of fire and other dangers are also reduced, as smart technology switches appliances off when not in use.

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