Ideas for a Vintage Inspired Décor - Fortius Infra

Fashions and trends have a habit of going round in circles. What was fashionable 20 years ago might suddenly pop up again with a twist and everyone would love it. Home decor also tends to follow such trends. After a while contemporary decor styles get boring and you want something different. Here is where the tricky part is – trying to merge vintage styles with contemporary styles; you would be amazed at what the results are!
Vintage styles have their own unique warmth and character that can add a focal point to the room. Embracing different styles only adds more texture to your decor. Here are some fusion ideas to get you started on some unique decoration concepts.
Since there are no rules restricting you to decorating within one era, you can mix-and-match from different eras. The wider the time gap, the more interesting the decor results.
You can use a vintage piece to create the focal point of a room and then work other pieces into the puzzle. The focal point could be a vintage-style sofa or it may even be a large oriental rug that dominates the room. You could use lighter, more contemporary pieces to finish off the decor.
While creating a retro-style room may be the in-thing, you need to find the right balance and make your own personal choice. Whatever theme you have decided to go with, you will need to follow it throughout the house, to create uniformity.
While most people baulk at the thought of using bold or dark colors on their walls, don’t let that stop you. You could compromise however, and use dark or bold paint (or wallpaper) on one accent wall, and light neutral shades on the other three. This will enable you to hang vintage style photo frames on the accent wall, without looking gaudy.
You could try using a vintage dresser or wardrobe in the dining room to store your crockery or for displaying cute figurines or little vases. Another idea would be to use a vintage polished wood table and pair it up with modern chairs and brushed bronze hanging lamps for a crossover effect.
Dressing up the front porch would be the easiest. Retro-style wicker chairs with a glass table and maybe a few hanging wicker planters could give the visitor a taste of what to expect inside the house!
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