Luxe Colors for Your Homes - Fortius Infra

When decorating your home, the colors you go with are usually a self-expression of how you see your home. You are most probably going to end up choosing the colors that have an emotional connect with the purpose of that room or entity. Your choices will also send across a message on your reflections about each color theme.

As decorating your home is all about your choices, you do need to know a little about the trending colors, what they signify, how they can be used for the best effect or how they can blend in with the flow in your home.
Since your color choices influence the way your home looks, why not go with shades that amp up its luxury quotient and make for a more sumptuous look. Here are some tips on making those luxe color choices for your decor:

  • When you are starting off the day, you need colors that will energize you and get you motivated. Shades of orange, red and yellow are perfect for your breakfast area to get you into an optimistic and cheerful mood.
  • As people are increasingly working longer hours and spending more time away from home, what’s needed is a haven that revitalizes and re-energizes you. Green is one such color that makes you feel refreshed. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the paintwork, it could be in your choice of drapes or upholstery used or even pairing up with evergreen indoor plants.
  • The fast pace of life also means finding ways to relax and calm down while you are at home. To create the perfect mood for relaxation, go with muted shades of blue or gray. They have a way of calming the mind and creating harmony.
  • White is the best color to go with if you don’t want to get distracted; it’s ideal for the rooms you meditate in or work spaces that gets you into a creative mode. White also provides the perfect canvas to showcase or highlight an outstanding feature in the room.
  • Decor colors need to be used in context with their purpose as each color produces a certain reaction; they also affect how you feel and behave. It is the perfect tool for communicating your style. And when you have a spacious home like the ‘Under the Sun’ villas, you can let your imagination run wild!
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