An Ode to Mangoes Grown at Under the Sun

There is no Indian worth his/her salt who doesn’t have a childhood mango story to share  with others. You can have them raw and sour, pickled, curried or juicy and ripe. And with evolving tastes and cuisines, mangoes are being included in more and more dishes such as mango soufflé etx.

But for an Indian, nothing beats the tangy taste of pickled mangoes! And when these mangoes come from the organic fruit orchard at ‘Under the Sun’ villa complex in Devanahalli, Bangalore, you can be sure you are onto a good thing. This villa complex features gracious double-storied homes built around 2,650 excellent varieties of mature fruiting trees.

And as per tradition, come mango season and our team members pluck the pickling mango varieties at just the right stage – when they are mature, but still unripe and firm. Two varieties of these organic mangoes ( Amlet and Mallika) are then processed into delicious, taste bud-tickling pickles and the recipe goes like this:


Mangoes – 1Kg

Mustard seeds – 250gm

Fenugreek – 25gm

Red chilli powder – 250gm

Turmeric powder – 3-4 tbs

Rock salt – 200gm

Sesame oil – 2 cups



Wash and dry the mangoes before deseeding them and cutting into suitably-sized cubes. Next grind the mustard and fenugreek seeds into a coarse granular powder before adding it into the chopped mangoes. You can then add in the red chilli powder, turmeric powder as well as the rock salt.

Now you are ready to toss the mango chunks so that the spices mix evenly. This is best done with a wooden spatula so that the mango pieces don’t get bruised and lose shape. Once the mangoes have been adequately tossed, add in the last ingredient – sesame oil. The tossing process has to be repeated again till all the mango pieces are adequately coated.

Your mango pickle is now ready to rest in a jar for the next four days. During this period, keep the jar in direct sunlight for a few hours daily to help in the marination and pickling process. From the fifth day onwards, use a dry spatula to toss the mango pieces daily for about a fortnight. After this time gap, the organic mango pickle is perfectly ready for consumption.


The team at ‘Under the Sun’ then takes the pleasure of packing these pickles into air-tight bottles with the color themes of the Under the Sun brand. Mango pickles made with two different varieties are then packed into classy hampers and distributed to our esteemed customers as well as partners and well-wishers. Aside from these pickles, hampers of perfectly ripened mangoes of excellent varieties are also distributed to the same people.

Come, be a part of this large family, where healthy, organic living is a way of life. Find out more about Under the Sun at: