Window treatments or window dressings can have a big impact on your home decor with the right type of window treatment enhancing the overall look & feel. There are a variety of window treatments and styles to choose from, so selecting the right treatment can get overwhelming.

Would you need drapes or blinds? Café curtains or shades? One easy way to make the right choice is by knowing the purpose of the window dressing. Do you want it for privacy or for natural light – or for both? Knowing this makes the selection process a lot easier. Here are some useful tips to guide you further:

Purpose of the room – Every room in your home has its own purpose and calls for a specific type of window treatment. If you want more light in a room, you could go with sheer curtains or blinds. Heavy, blackout draperies or wooden shutters are useful when you want better light and noise control.

Purpose of the windows – The function of the window determines the type of window dressing that’s best for it. If you are using the windows for light, then seamless roller shades or sheer curtains are best. And if you open your windows often, then choose coverings that won’t get in the way.

Interior style – You need to match up your interior décor with the window dressing. The color of your drapes or shades shouldn’t clash with the color of the rest of the room. If the room has minimalistic décor style, then you should go with plain-colored window treatments. Using accent colors to liven up the room is another option. Similarly, ornate window dressing with valences look good in formal rooms, but not in the kitchen or the children’s rooms.

Privacy requirements – Rooms on the ground floor need greater privacy than the upper floors. Sheer curtains can be used to let in the light and another layer of thicker drapes, blinds or shades can be used when greater privacy is needed. Blinds work better as the slats can be adjusted to permit light entry without exposing the interiors. Drapes look elegant, but best not used in the bathrooms. Blinds or shades are more effective here.

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