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There is an interesting trend in realty nowadays; a resurgent interest on the ancient tradition of vasthu. And according to a recent survey conducted by a property portal in India, 93% respondents say they would buy an apartment if it is vasthu compliant.

Vastu compliant 2 and 3 BHK flats are increasingly bought for a number of reasons. Most of the buyers tend to believe that vasthu compliant homes are more attuned to bring in happiness, health and wealth.

The survey also states that vasthu compliant homes are more in demand in South India. Yet a vasthu compliant flat in Bangalore isn’t always an easy find. Fortius Infra’s lakefront apartments – Fortius Waterscape (in Whitefield, Bangalore) — have vastu compliant homes, built by blending the ancient principles of vasthu along with contemporary architecture.

We have compiled a few easy pointers to identify a vasthu home!

For a Grand Entryway

According to the survey, a sizable amount of buyers consider the entrance to the house as an important aspect when choosing a property. The principle of vastu dictates that the main entrance should be on the East because it brings positive energy of the rising sun. Another acceptable direction is North-East facing. This principle generally reflects upon better ventilation and a positive flow of energy.

Kitchen – The Heart of a Home

When it comes to the kitchen, people are more adamant about vasthu, simply because it makes sense to have the stove away from the tap, and so on. An ideal spot for your kitchen would be the South-East corner of the house. Another point is to face East while cooking.

Tranquility in Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is regarded as an important vastu room for the well-being of the occupants. The bedroom should be either square or rectangular in shape. Different types of dimensions are usually not entertained for the master bedroom.

Position of Restrooms

Location of toilets is a vital aspect both in the vasthu perspective and from the angle of general health and aesthetics. The toilets should be in the North-West corner of rooms. In case that is not possible, South-East position is also acceptable. To keep things basic, it is better to have the toilet away from the kitchen or a room or place of worship.

Positive Balconies and Terraces

The terrace or balcony is the much needed open space in urban living. Most 2 and 3 BHK apartments in Bangalore have one or two balconies that are capable of enhancing the positive environment for the apartment. Directions play a huge role in this. If the terraces open up to the South or West, it usually makes for an unhealthy influence, apparently being open to the thermal imbalance caused by solar radiation. The ideal directions for the terraces / balconies according to vasthu principles are towards the North, East or North-East.


Owning a vasthu compliant apartment would be a great investment in the long-run. Many investors believe that owning a vasthu apartment is an auspicious investment. According to the survey many of the respondents feel that their vasthu homes are being sold more! We are happy to be part of this growing awareness towards the science behind vastu compliant apartments in Bangalore. Book a site visit to explore some of our vasthu compliant 2 & 3 BHK apartments at Fortius Waterscape.

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