Style your Apartment Right with Curtains - Fortius Infra

Unknown to many, curtains do much more for a room than just adding privacy or controlling the sunlight entering the room. They have multiple functions beyond just dressing your windows and are an integral part of the room’s décor.. Curtains can be draped in different ways to become the focal point of a room.
The fabric and color of the curtain is very important as they add to the mood of the room. You can go with heavy velvet materials in rich jewel colors or just opt for khadi materials in neutral tones. They all add purpose to a room and complement your spaces. Here are some tips on their use:
Most homes have a shelved open-storage area that is impossible to keep tidy and organized at all times. Curtains are great at hiding such areas. With a single swing of the curtain, the room can look respectable again.
If you want to create a sense of space and make the room look larger, the humble curtain can again come to your rescue and do double-duty. By simply raising the curtain rod a little higher up the wall towards the ceiling or extending the curtain rods to a width greater than the window, you can make the window look larger or the ceiling higher making the room appear bigger.
Curtains make excellent door replacements in small areas. If you feel there is shortage of space in a room, then consider unhinging the door and hanging a curtain there instead. This way, there will be sufficient space without interrupting the physical flow.
Curtains can be used to make a focal point. This can be by taking attention away from something that is not so attractive or by using it to draw attention to something close to itself. A curtain behind the bed can be used to draw attention to the bed or the headboard. Curtains can also be made into a focal point, when there is lack of one in the room. You can make it more attractive by using stylish draping with valances for extra elegance. Or how about making the curtain stand out by contrasting it with the wall color and not be monotonous.
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