Waterfront Property

Your waterfront property is a thing of beauty and is bound to attract a lot of admirers, who would want to experience the serenity that your place has to offer. It is therefore of utmost importance that we try to maintain the waterfront property in top shape all-year round. Here are a few tips to that can keep you prepared in case of any natural elements.

Doors and Windows

This is the first frontier against natural elements. Due to constant bombarding of winds and moisture there is a high possibility that windows hold a lot of dust and salt / mineral buildup.

  • It is better to have aluminum window frames are the better bets against corrosion/ rust due to the moisture content in the air. At Fortius Waterscape facing the Yella Mallappa Shetty lake in Bangalore, we use aluminum frames for windows
  • And in case of salt particle accumulation, it is better to just rinse them off with fresh water.

Bathroom and Kitchens

These rooms have high moisture content due to its frequent use of water. Thus;

  • Make sure the rooms are well-ventilated
  • In case natural ventilation is absent, you can also use dehumidifiers or install more vents to prevent dampness in the home.
  • For your kitchen, you may apply a protective wax coating to metal appliances to repel water and rust damage.


An integral part of many waterfront apartments, balconies gives that all important panoramic view of the water body. It is also an open invitation to many winged visitors of the waterfront.

  • It is advisable to have acid-proof, anti-skid tiles, mosaics or terracotta tiles for balconies to help cleaning your balconies easier.
  • You can have cactus plants on the window sill or as part of the garden patch, in case you decide to keep birds away.
  • Birds can be your pet too in a way, and you can help their well-being by having bird feeders or simply by placing a sturdy dish with grains in your balcony.

Outdoor Furniture

Patio furniture on a waterfront property needs a bit of extra protection. Here is how;

  • Cover it at night-time and when not in use.
  • You can remove salt buildup by rinsing your furniture often, preferably once a week, then drying it with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use strong or harsh cleaners on your furniture. Instead use something more gentle like dishwashing soap.
  • Every few months, you can apply a coat of car wax on your furniture for more protection.
  • If you have to use metal, cast aluminum furniture tends to withstand any weather.


We at Fortius Infra have taken precautionary steps while designing lakefront homes so that you can have worry-free lakefront living experience. Our use of aluminum window frames, washable anti-skid tiles for balconies and the construction of well-ventilated living spaces are some of the conscious steps we have taken to make lakefront investment truly a dream for you.