Tips to Increase Natural Light in Your Home - Fortius Infra

Sunlight is one of nature’s best gifts to all life forms. Its golden glow brightens every aspect of life, giving it new meaning. Sunlight has numerous health benefits for the mind and body too, thus making it essential to include as much natural light into every corner of your home as possible.

Sunlight not only keeps your indoor plants growing, the healthy light also helps you to save up on your electricity bills,thereby reducing the negative effects on the environment. Less exposure to sunlight can also cause depression and sleep disorders. On the physical level, sunlight promotes the production of ‘feel-good’ serotonin and vitamin D3, which is responsible for lowering high blood pressures, improving brain functions, increasing productivity, strengthening bones, lowering inflammation and boosting immunity.

All this and more tells you about the importance of windows, doors, skylights and patios in your home. You will end up with a healthier and happier home when it’s lit with more sunlight. Here are some tips to increase natural lighting in your home:

  • Paint your home with light shades as they reflect light better in a room. Go for light shades of gray, blue, yellow or off-white for a sense of space and light.
  • Likewise, a mirror works wonders as it reflects light; the larger the mirror, the more the light reflected. Place mirrors opposite doors and windows to maximize this effect.
  • You could create designer glass walls inside your home. Opaque square glass brick walls make great room dividers without creating a break in natural flow of sunlight. You will still get a sense of privacy with such aesthetic room dividers, while seeming to be more spacious.
  • While drapes add a style statement to your room, thick drapes can make the room appear darker. Opt for lighter cottons or khadi materials that allow natural light to pass through better. Your furniture can block the flow of natural light if it’s too close to windows or glass doors. Rearrange your furniture to let in maximum sunlight.
  • Skylights can greatly improve the flow of sunlight in homes that are lacking in sufficient sun-facing windows. Though expensive to install, they are really effective in lighting up dreary corners.

For those living in Bangalore, the ‘Under the Sun’ villas located on a fruiting orchard in Devanahalli, makes great naturally-lit homes. Fortius Under the Sun Villas is IGBC & LEED Platinum pre-certified owing to the number of sustainable design elements incorporated into the project that allows for 50% cross ventilation, enhanced day lighting, enhanced fresh air ventilation as well as enhanced energy performance.

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