Tips for Minimal Indian Décor - Fortius Infra

The world is becoming more crowded, noisy and stressful by the day. And when you get back home, all you want is some peace and serenity. To make your home an oasis of peace and serenity, one should go in for minimalistic décor, the type that doesn’t include the use of too many garish colours or looks cluttered.

It doesn’t have to mean dull, boring whites and greys or lack of wall hangings and display items. A minimal décor would give your home a spacious and clutter-free impact. And it’s quite easy, here’s how:

Furniture – This is a staple of Indian homes and comes in imposing elaborately carved designs. To keep things minimal, go for light furniture with plain, streamlined designs with little or no decoration. If you prefer the plushness in furniture go for sectionals or opt for sofa designs without arms. Also, leggy furniture is preferred in this décor style.

Walls – Going for plain walls may sound dull, but when done right, it can create a wonderful effect. Think texture for your walls. This can be achieved by many materials in the markets including the artful treatment with Plaster of Paris and natural fabrics. Serene coloured wallpapers or interplay of a couple of mute tones of paints can set the space as a sanctuary.

Displays – Going minimal is about doing away with unnecessary furniture, showcases as well as the quintessential Indian display cabinet. You can also place one or two statement decorative pieces on the wall in contrasting shades to add a punch. Interesting shapes other than square or rectangle, add to the wow-factor without having to be too colourful. This adds character to your wall without overwhelming the space and allowing the walls to breathe.

Colors – There is a misconception that colour and minimalism don’t go together. Color is used as an accent in minimalistic homes. You can use a couple of low-tone colours for your walls, ceilings and floors and then accessorize them with a colourful piece of Indian art décor. The neutral background creates an awesome style statement.

De-clutter – Avoid wall-to-wall carpeting. This will offset the sense of spaciousness and balance. Rather opt for light dhurries. In terms of the arrangement of furniture of floor/ table lamps, think about symmetry. You can also opt for lighter colours wall mounted furniture to further enhance the breezy feel of the whole house.

When going for minimal décor styles remember that neutral shades create a soothing atmosphere and quality is always better than quantity, so go for less! Explore contemporary villa projects in North Bangalore that will provide the perfect backdrop for minimal décor.