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Your home is supposed to be your feel-good zone, a happy environment where you can forget about your stress and things that weigh you down. When you enter in through the front door, you should experience a feeling of peace and relaxation , a space to heave a sigh of relief. And it’s for this reason that ‘sweet’ turns up in the adage ‘home sweet home’.

Making your home stress-free doesn’t require a major overhaul of your home or lifestyle, just a few simple tweaks here and there can do the trick. Here are a few tips to improve your home’s feel-good vibes;

-Create your own happy zone. This could be a room, a nook or just a lounge chair on the back porch that everyone in the family recognizes as your personal space where you can spend time undisturbed with your thoughts and away from others.

-Daily rituals are important to begin the day with. Spend a few minutes every morning making your bed as it will reflect on the state of your mind.

-Let sunlight be your morning wake-up call. Waking up with the sun is a gentler way to get up than the stressful alarm clock. Natural light is also a great mood booster and prevents stress from setting in.

-De-clutter your emotions by getting rid of things at home that have sad memories or negative thoughts associated with them. Make room for those things that add positive energy and bring a smile to your face.

According to color psychology, surround yourself with calming colors such as powder blue, sage green or lilac. Light shades and tones induce relaxation and serenity, and are great stress busters, so paint the rooms set as relaxation zones accordingly.

-Its well known that greenery is great to alleviate stress.; do include some indoor plants in your home décor and feel your senses grow calm. Fresh flowers also helps. Artwork or paintings depicting landscapes, rivers among trees or a bench in a park are all helpful in reducing stress.

-Another way to distract yourself positively is by keeping a fish tank. The sight of silently moving water and fishes swimming aimlessly can be very calming to the mind.

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