Vastu Compliant Apartments - Fortius Infra

While some believe Vastu is an archaic superstition, others are increasingly being able to identify with this ancient Indian architectural science. Vastu Shastra offers a logical set of principles created by our clever ancestors which enables us build homes in harmony with nature and the climate.

Vastu takes into account natural factors like sunrise, sunset, rainfall and wind and intertwines them with human needs so that positive energies can be harnessed and channelized into daily living. This ancient belief system uses the five elements of nature or ‘Panchtattava’– water, fire, air, earth and sky, to offer guidelines on ways to construct buildings so that they are in harmony with the environment.

People are increasingly realizing that the only reason why Vastu has been practiced continuously over the centuries is because of its positive effects on the life of the buildings’ inhabitants. This is also why application of Vastu Shastra is gaining popularity in the real estate sector today. When buying a home, the first thing you need to check is the main entrance to the building. If it’s an apartment project, then the entrance to the lobby is considered as the main entrance and should ideally face the north.

Other factors to look out for are the location of the various rooms and even numbers for the windows and doors. Vastu Shastra gives a lot of importance to health, wealth, happiness and safety, hence the location of the kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, balconies, building’s height, shafts, slopes and rainwater drainage and water tanks hold a lot of significance.

Vastu also teaches the significance of keeping homes clutter-free so that energy can move around freely and usher in positivity. A clutter-less home will also keep the minds of the inhabitants calm and stress-free. Ventilation and easy movement of air within the home is one of the principles of Vastu and ensures better health and lower chances of spread of communicable diseases. Early morning sunlight is the best for health. In accordance with Vastu, the building should be exposed to maximal natural lighting during the daytime. Apartments with no common walls are the best according to Vastu.

Big cities like Bangalore are increasingly turning to the apartment culture of living as it provides greater security and other benefits for working parents. However not all apartments are able to offer Vastu-compliant features. But if you are looking for 100% Vastu-compliant apartments, then do check out the Fortius Waterscape apartments in northern Bangalore. And what’s more, these apartments have already received their Occupancy certification and are ready-to-move-in now.