Come dusk, and lo there seems to be another interesting face to Whitefield, and this is not about the mushrooming high rises lighting up the evening sky over Whitefield or the snarling traffic hurrying to get home. This is about Whitefield setting the cultural tone for the rest of the city by attracting some of the best talent in music, theatre, dance and other performing arts, from Bangalore and across the country.

Whitefield is growing culturally, thanks to the multicultural diaspora here, and a crowd that can simply not do away with cultural and artistic outlets. For the Whitefielders, its not always practical to head to Chowdaiah Memorial or Ranga Shankara when the urge for theatre or any performances hits.

Multi-utility cultural spaces are a rage in Whitefield now. Breweries taking on string quartet, cafes doubling up as libraries and venues for stand-up comedy or live acts. Pubs, clubs and eateries are open to signing up amateurs and professionals equally quick. There is a trend of more and more home-grown talent gravitating towards Whitefield for a stage. Some cite the dwindling tolerance levels of the Bangalore audience as a possible reason!

Jagriti, owned and operated by the not-for profit ART foundation, and its 200 seat auditorium built around a full thrust stage is a cultural nerve centre in Whitefield. With world-class lighting, sound, video and projection equipment, Jagriti offers both audiences and practitioners commendable standards. The plays and performances at Jagriti always see packed houses.

Another cultural space is Windmills Craftworks a microbrewery with many roles to play- jazz theatre showcasing global talent, a restaurant offering and out of this world culinary experience and a treasure trove of rare books on Art, Design, Architecture and Music.

Natya Onstage organizes performances of various forms of Indian classical dance and provides the audiences the opportunity to collaborate with the artists in relaxed settings. Opus in the Creek, Whitefield have weekly live music evenings and have played host to a variety of bands, musicians and performers both home-grown and from across the globe, not to mention, the who’s-who of the Indian music scene

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