Boost the Resale Value of your Apartment

July 10, 2018

The little things make a big difference when it’s time to sell your home. Whether you bought your apartment for investment purposes or whether you are relocating; at the end of the day when you sell your home, you do want to recover your invested value along with any market-driven profits. After all, who doesn’t

Embrace the Villa Lifestyle

July 9, 2018

While the concept of villa living has been popular in Europe and the US for some time now, it has only been recently introduced in India, with Bangalore and Pune leading the way. The concept of gated villa communities is gaining popularity as the earlier independent housing concept doesn’t provide much by way of security

Tips to make your Balcony Kid-safe

July 9, 2018

Apartments or high rise buildings have become the most practical solution for urban living with the burgeoning population and space constraints in cities. For inhabitants of high-rise buildings, the balcony is the only ‘outdoor option. This is where you get to enjoy your first cuppa in the morning sun. Most people set up a mini

Under the Sun Villas come with Landscaped Gardens

June 22, 2018

There is something about greenery that attracts both the old and young equally. While rolling lawns appeal to a certain bracket of people, others are attracted to well-kept gardens that abounds with flowering plants and trees. Aside from the shade and breeze provided by trees

Lakefront Living at its Best in Whitefield

June 14, 2018

An ideal home shouldn’t only be about flawless architecture but should also include lush greenery, ample recreational activities and access to soothing blue water bodies. As being close to Mother Nature is the best way to relax and unwind, homes that offer these features are high in demand. But the sad reality is that only

How Bangaloreans Celebrate with Mangoes

May 30, 2018

PC: The Hindu Summer is here again and it’s that time of the year when mangoes are abound. This king of fruits has delighted people’s senses with its sweet fragrance and delicious flavors for centuries. These golden globes are indigenous to India and have been cultivated here for more than 4,000 years now. Karnataka especially,