The Quintessential Indian Aesthetic

The Quintessential Indian Aesthetic - Fortius Infra
August 20, 2018

Indian aesthetics refers to the unique philosophical and spiritual appreciation of arts, literature and architecture. It has to do with the dominant emotional theme of an ethnic work of art and the primary feelings evoked in the person who views it. It’s an appreciation of beauty in its heritage forms. How we dress up our

Homes Made for Entertaining

Homes Made for Entertaining - Fortius Infra
August 20, 2018

The current corporate culture calls for a lot of networking and entertaining and your homes need to be up to the mark for it. One of the key requirements for entertaining, at home is the need for sufficient space to socialize in. Squeezing a number of people within the confined spaces of an apartment could

Perks of Living near KR Puram

Perks of Living near KR Puram - Fortius Infra
August 14, 2018

While most are aware of major locations like Cubbon Park and Lalbagh in Bangalore, few know that KR Puram or Krishnarajapuram also offers numerous tourist attractions. These places are however well-known to the local residents and long-time Bangaloreans, adding charm to the lives of those living in and around KR Puram. Aside from that, this

Embracing Open Style Floor Designs in India

Embracing Open Style Floor Designs in India - Fortius Infra
August 8, 2018

Homes with open style floor designs are popular in the West, and Indians are fast catching up on this concept. The conventional closed layout designs have always been the norm for Indian homes with an extended family structure, where closed rooms and privacy were pertinent factors. The current generation of contemporary home designs is however

Perks of Living amidst Green Locales

Fortius Infra
August 3, 2018

Parks and playgrounds have always been a esential part of childhood, a place where children can play and work out their excess energy in the arms of Mother Nature. That is how you and your parents and grandparents have grown up, but unfortunately this chain is now getting broken as people are moving away from

Leisure that is Holistic

Leisure that is Holistic - Fortius Infra
July 27, 2018

In these days of pollution, contamination and overuse of chemicals in almost any consumable, a point has come when we need to turn towards healthier and more holistic ways of living. Leisure is an integral part of holistic living as it influences overall health, well-being and quality of life of a person. People who pursue holistic leisure