Charming Old Madras Road

Old Madras Road
June 24, 2014

Old Madras Road (OMR) has been one of the popular residential neighborhoods of Bangalore. Its seamless connectivity through the length and breadth of Bangalore city touching through bustling neighborhoods like Whitefield and IT SEZs has encouraged a realty boom throughout the OMR stretch in the past few decades. One of the fascinating aspects of OMR

Tips for Maintaining Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property
June 12, 2014

Your waterfront property is a thing of beauty and is bound to attract a lot of admirers, who would want to experience the serenity that your place has to offer. It is therefore of utmost importance that we try to maintain the waterfront property in top shape all-year round. Here are a few tips to

8 Simple Steps Towards Green Living

Green Living
June 4, 2014

You’d love to do your bit for the environment – but by the time you are done with work, you are too tired to change anything! Though this is a common situation, have no reason to despair. Sustainable or green living in everyday lives can be made possible by some simple steps. You know what

Decor Tips for your Lakefront Home

Home Decor Tips
June 2, 2014

Owning a lakefront property is in itself a statement. The next step to truly making the statement into a beautiful impression is by decorating it right. The fact is your guests will immediately be drawn towards the view of the lake from your apartment. To further enhance the overall experience, there is only one logic

6 Lakes to Visit When in Bangalore

6 Lakes to Visit in Bangalore
June 2, 2014

Hebbal Lake Hebbal, now a location of rapid growth and better infrastructure, used to be known only for its lake. While on the flyover one can take in the view this beautiful lake; a vital lung space in an otherwise concrete jungle. Spread over more than 150 acres, this lake is as old as Bangalore

Five Advantages of Owning a Lakefront Apartment

Five Advantages of Owning a Lakefront Apartment
May 19, 2014

It is dream for many of us to own a property or an apartment facing a waterfront. And then there is Bangalore, where there are many natural lakes on the sides of which real estate has sprung in good strength. Something about a waterfront or a lakefront property – the aesthetics, the investment point-of-view or